L'accord des verbes en français : ce que vous avez toujours voulu savoir


Quand vous êtes prof de français, votre entourage vous considère comme une grammaire sur pattes. Ainsi, dès que par malheur, vous laissez traîner une faute dans la carte de noël que vous envoyez, c’est parti pour dix ans de brimades ! Et puis, quand se pose une question d'orthographe épineuse, votre portable devient une véritable hotline... Les accords du verbe La règle générale est simple : le sujet s'accorde en nombre avec le verbe. Ainsi, de façon tout à fait logique, […]

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Don Álvaro o la Fuerza del Sino por el Duque de Rivas

Don Álvaro o la Fuerza del Sino por el Duque de Rivas photo

Ángel de Saavedra, Duque de Rivas Ángel de Saavedra, Duque de Rivas, nació en Córdoba el 10 de Marzo de 1791 y murió en Madrid el 22 de Junio de 1865. De familia aristocrática, recibió una vasta educación, con gran influencia de la cultura francesa, que motivó su gusto por la literatura y el dibujo. Poeta y autor español, Ángel de Saavedra tuvo una vida atormentada. Criado en el seminario de los Nobles de Madrid, fue nombrado oficial de la […]

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Doña Inés (Historia de Amor) por José Martínez Ruiz [Azorín]

Autor y Obra José Martínez Ruiz nació en Monóvar (Alicante) en 1873. Su padre era abogado y fue alcalde del pueblo. Su madre era una mujer discreta. El deseo de escribir de Ruiz nació en su infancia, ya que su padre era un gran lector y su madre escribía en secreto. Tenía nueve hermanos. La experiencia del colegio le dejó recuerdos tristes. Después del bachillerato, inició estudios de derecho en Valencia. Nunca obtuvo la licenciatura, aunque cambió varias veces de […]

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A transformed vision of time in Regeneration

Introduction Space, setting, the interaction between landscape and mindscape and the curious similarities between outdoors places in Scotland and the landscape of the Flanders correspond to the writer's intention of similarity: the characters are so obsessed by the war that they see it in Scotland. This obsession ultimately transforms their vision of time. I. The present is the past Indeed, the characters have no present. It applies to all traumatized soldiers: conscious: remembering. unconscious: hallucination For instance, Sassoon had hallucinations […]

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Landscape and mindscape in Regeneration

Study of a passage p.37-38: "he got off at the next stop [...] whine of shells". This passage is not a dialogue. The narrator is telling us about Burns. Presence of realistic elements: stress on concrete details ("a tuft of grey wool"). Use of chronological order + realistic framework. Everything is seen through Burns's subjectivity: he is the central focalizer and we move from an objective description of landscape to a subjective mindscape. I - Presence of subjectivity A - […]

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Historical figures and fictional characters in Regeneration

How human beings presented in Regeneration are different from historical characters ? Paradoxically, several characters had real historical existence and yet, there is no difference between those who really existed and those invented: it seems that they are on the same level. The major difference lays in characterization, i.e. the ways in which human beings are constructed in characters. In history books, the stress is usually on public life whereas in fictions the stress is on subjectivity. Regeneration is a […]

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First dialogue between Rivers and Sassoon in Regeneration

Study of the passage p11-12: from "What kind of questions did they ask.." to "with quite a bit of his leg left inside". This is the first real dialogue between Rivers and Sassoon. Sassoon is presented as shell-shocked. This passage is composed of a dialogue and 12 lines of narrative. Most of the narrative comments describe Sassoon's behaviour. I. Dialogue and verisimilitude Dialogue enhances verisimilitude. Rivers is a psychiatrist and Sassoon is the patient. It is a normal professional situation. […]

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The plot in Regeneration by Pat Barker

Is Regeneration a novel with a plot ? It is not as obvious as in a detective story. I. Sassoon's transformation Must be seen in the changes that occurred between the beginning and the end of the novel. At the beginning, Sassoon has just protested against fighting the war. At the end, something has changed: "no, I want to go back" (p.213). He has stopped his protest and has made the decision to go back to the front.He hesitates between […]

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The setting in Regeneration by Pat Barker

An hostile nature Use of an adjective of color (yellow) The sun and the light are described as yellow, which is a warm color not normally applied to natural light. p.175, l.2: "fading to yellow".Yellow not presented as a bright color, paradox. p.128: "yellowing of the light", "sulfurous".Attribute of Lucifer, negative connotation. p.199: "like an artificial sunset".The natural light of the sun has gone.Yellow is linked to the war. Yellow is associated with light, with Sarah's skin (because of the […]

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English Literature

Narratives The Short-Story and the Novel Relatives in Cider With Rosie by Laurie Lee Lord Jim by Joseph Conrad Lord Jim by Joseph Conrad : "A free and wandering tale" Lord Jim : How is Conrad's first-hand experience of seamanship perceptible throughout the Patna episode ? Macbeth by Shakespeare Introduction to Macbeth Political questions in Macbeth The dramatic quality in Macbeth A Midsummer Night's Dream by Shakespeare Introduction to A Midsummer Night's Dream Background of A Midsummer Night's Dream Structure […]

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Introduction to Regeneration by Pat Barker

Introduction to Regeneration by Pat Barker photo

Regeneration has to do with World War One (WW1) and it is visible right from its cover. The novelist, Pat Barker is one of the first women writers who have written about the Great War. Pat Barker is a university-trained historian and this is confirmed by the presence of very reliable sources in the "Author's Notes", at the end of the novel. Regeneration is a historical novel on the surface but is really more than that. I. Historical accuracy Several […]

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