Activer SSH sous CPanel

Activer SSH sous CPanel photo 4

Il peut être extrêmement utile d'activer la connexion SSH chez certains hébergeurs qui la proposent, comme SiteGround. Cela permet de gagner pas mal de temps, notamment lorsque l'on utilise wp-cli. Mais avant de pouvoir se connecter, il faut d'abord l'activer dans les options de CPanel. Activation de la connection SSH dans CPanel Rendez-vous dans CPanel > Security > SSH Shell Access : Ensuite, cliquez sur le bouton Manage SSH Keys: Nous avons ensuite le choix entre deux solutions : soit […]

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Death of a Salesman: the play's structure, a memory play

Death of a Salesman: the play's structure, a memory play photo

If the external plot of Death of a Salesman may be divided into chronologically organised sequences: Act one (Monday evening and night); Act two (Tuesday), and the requiem a few days after (Willy's burial), the same is not true of the internal plot: Willy's stream of consciousness. In "the inside of Willy's head", past and present are blurred. Memories constantly impinge on present situations and, conversely, the present is put at some distance by the flood of recollections. The past/present […]

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The Great Gatsby: characters and characterization

The Great Gatsby: characters and characterization photo

In the Great Gatsby, characters are not introduced in a traditional way. They are not described in any detail and cannot be studied separately. Thanks to his "ideographic" method of character-portrayal, Fitzgerald suggests one idea through an attitude, a gesture but does not provide a final explanation. It is up to the reader to reconstruct the pieces of the puzzle into a coherent whole. The author's technique is close to the Joycean "signature" when the character is broken down into […]

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Wickerbird - Druids

Wickerbird - Druids photo

in the day my darlin i was here before i was stealin starlins i was sleepin on the shore on the shore in the day you're turning we were hidden for we made picture books and we made fixtures on the floor on the floor on the floor on the floor but you were gone A retrouver sur l'album The Crow Mother, paru le 25 septembre 2012.

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The Great Gatsby: the Romantic Quest

The Great Gatsby : the Romantic Quest photo

The term quest immediately calls up the fairy tale motif or the German Märchen (Tieck; Grimm). The quest has been studied by Propp in Morphology of the Folktale. In a tale, the hero attempts to escape from his humble origins to claim a higher ascendency or a royal lineage. James Gatz from North Dakota had never really accepted his parents who were shiftless and unsuccessful farm people : "his imagination had never really accepted them as his parents at all". […]

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The Great Gatsby: an American novel

The Great Gatsby: an American novel photo

A refracted vision of America The Great Gatsby is like a mirror of the America of the 1920's. America in the Great Gatsby is a fundamental notion and the novel cannot be studied without the historical context of the time. The novel reflects the Jazz Age or the Roaring Twenties and the opposition between East and West. The Great Gatsby emphasizes the strange association between materialism and spiritualism, which is crucial to the Puritan ethic. Gatsby is seeking wealth because […]

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NAS Synology : regarder les vidéos du NAS directement sur la Freebox en DLNA

NAS Synology : regarder les vidéos du NAS directement sur la Freebox en DLN photo

J'utilise mon NAS Synology tous les jours et l'une des fonctions que j'affectionne particulièrement est de pouvoir regarder des vidéos directement sur la télévision, en passant par la Freebox Revolution. Il existe plusieurs manières de regarder les vidéos stockées sur le NAS sur la télévision : depuis la Freebox, depuis un navigateur avec VideoStation ou depuis votre mobile avec l'application DS Video. Lire des vidéos avec fichiers de sous-titres depuis la Freebox Il suffit de se rendre dans le menu […]

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Introduction to The Great Gatsby by Francis Scott Fitzgerald: from the Lost Prairies to the Realist Jungle

Introduction to The Great Gatsby by Francis Scott Fitzgerald : from the Lost Prairies to the Realist Jungle photo

Both the novel and the American society correspond to the beginning of a modern era. America is a direct consequence of the age of reason (18th century). Indeed, the first settlers intended to escape the tyrannical power of absolute monarchs. The novel is also the result of a revolution : social revolution: when the middle-class asserted its cultural autonomy idealogical change that put the single individual at the centre of the world Yet, there are profound contradictions: America did not […]

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Redémarrer la machine virtuelle de Local by Flywheel

Redémarrer la machine virtuelle de Local by Flywheel photo

Si vous utilisez Local by Flywheel pour développer un site WordPress en local, il peut arriver que la machine virtuelle ne réponde plus et ne veuille plus redémarrer, ce qui rend toute utilisation de Local impossible. Voici donc comment redémarrer la machine virtuelle de Local by Flywheel. Si la machine virtuelle ne répons plus, il faut redémarrer la VM local-by-flywheel dans VirtualBox. Ouvrez VirtualBox macOS: appuyez sur Command + Espace et tapez "VirtualBox" et validez avec Entrée pour ouvrir VirtualBox […]

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George Orwell - A Final Warning

George Orwell - A Final Warning photo

From the 2003 television docudrama: George Orwell - A Life in Pictures. Allowing for the book, after all, being a parody, something like 1984 could actually happen. This is the direction the world is going in at the present time. In our world, there will be no emotions except fear, rage, triumph, and self-abasement. The sex instinct will be eradicated. We shall abolish the orgasm. There will be no loyalty except loyalty to the Party. But always there will be […]

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MariaDB : résoudre l'erreur "Column count of mysql.proc is wrong"

Serveur dédié : installation de MariaDB 10.3 photo

Sur l'un des serveurs de mes clients Codeable, j'ai mis à jour MariaDB de la version 10.1 à la version 10.3 et voici ce que retournait MariaDB lors du lancement de procédures: Si cela arrive, pas de panique: MaraDB fonctionne et le site s'affiche mais la base de données mysql n'a pas été mise à jour par apt, il faut lancer la procédure d'installation manuellement, depuis le terminal. On met donc la base mysql à jour avec mysql-upgrade: et on […]

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ON AN ON - Ghosts

On An On est formé par d'ex-membres du groupe Scattered : Nate Eiesland, Alissa Ricci et Ryne Estwing ont décidé d'essayer des choses qu'ils n'avaient pas l'habitude de faire avec leur ancien groupe et leur son déjà établi. C'est avec le producteur de Broken Social Scene, Dave Newfeld, qu'ils enregistrent leur premier album, autour du morceau Ghosts : There are spirits coming to find me They're not stopping until it's done I can feel them taking me over I can […]

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