Dialogues ZEP : "if I'm your dog, you're my bitch"

Brouhaha en 5ème section foot. Comme d'habitude, la même bande de comiques est à l'oeuvre. M : Shhhsh for God's sake ! What is it with you lot ??? Can't you just keep quiet ??? - hé m'sieur j'ai rien dit !!! M : don't you speak French to me boy ! How come I heard your voice ? - not me, not me !!! M : verb ? - it's not me !!! M : it's not me who […]

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When I pull the strings... you dance !

Andy Fidler (Eugene Levy): Do you have a plan ? Special Agent Derrick Vann (Samuel L. Jackson) : ... the hell is that supposed to mean ? Andy Fidler : If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Just a little constructive criticism. Okay ? That's how two people working together... Special Agent Derrick Vann : Wow wow wow wow !!! We're NOT working together !!! So get that out of your mind. Nobody said we were working together. […]

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