Inequality and Race

According to Seymour-Ure (in The Political Impact of Mass Media, 1974), the disturbances in Notting Hill in 1958 symbolised a turning point in British race relations. Previously, immigration had been a relatively peripheral political issue ; after 1958 it became one of the most important and the most sensitive. In 1962, the Conservative Government passed the Commonwealth Immigration Act, introducing controls through a voucher system to limit the flow of West Indian and Indian sub-continent immigrants.When the Labour Government came […]

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All screwed up

Dammit. I had to make an oral presentation today and I totally screwed it up. Deeply, kindly but firmly. I have to say that I hate speaking in public in front of my colleagues. That uneasy feeling started a few years ago at university and never left me - that's why I always try to skip presentations, exposés or the like. I never went to the practice exams (be it for my degree or my professional exam) because of that […]

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