Kickboxing : les meilleurs combats de Yuri Boyka photo

Kickboxing : les meilleurs combats de Yuri Boyka

Voici une compilation des meilleurs scènes de combat de Yuri Boyka, le combattant de kickboxing le plus violent des films Undisputed II: Last Man Standing (Un seul deviendra invincible 2 : Dernier round en français) et Undisputed III: Redemption (Un seul deviendra invincible 3) :

Yuri Boyka est le personnage incarné par l’acteur et cascadeur britannique Scott Adkins, qui joue dans pléthore de films d’action.

Dans Undisputed, il joue le rôle d’un criminel russe incarcéré dans une prison de haute sécurité en Russie, où sont organisés des combats entre prisonniers.

Kickboxing et MMA sont au programme. J’y trouve même un petit côté Mortal Kombat, mais l’humour en moins.

Une fois n’est pas coutume : si vous n’avez pas vu les films, je ne vous les conseille pas, cette vidéo suffit amplement! Il n’y a pas de scénario, pas vraiment de jeu d’acteur… juste la castagne qui vaut le détour.

Cracker - Low  photo

Cracker – Low

Here’s Low by Cracker (off the album Kerosen Hat), a song that I have played over and over when I was at college.

It used to be my driving song : I’d pop that CD in, turn the volume up and just drive the night away with no particular destination.

In that sense, I identify a lot with Nick Carraway, the character who narrates the Great Gatsby.


Guitar 1 - Simple chord riff, D, then C, then E5, then G in the following pattern.  
the verse it is an acoustic guitar and then switches to the same as guitar 2, an electric distorted.

   v   v^v   vv  v   v^v    vv

Guitar 2 has two parts, the first is played at the intro and chorus:


The second is played during the verse, and sounds mostly clean:


Then the solo, with distortion



Sometimes I wanna take you down
Sometimes I wanna get you low
Brush your hair back from your eyes
Take you down let the river flow

Sometimes i go and walk the streets
behind a green sheet of glass
A million miles below the streets
A million miles, a million miles

D          C        E          G
Being with you girl like being low
hey hey hey like being stoned
Being with you girl like being low
hey hey hey like being stoned

A million poppies gonna make me sleep
But just one rose that knows your name
The fruit is rusting on the vine
The fruit is calling from the trees

Hey hey dont you wanna go down
Like some disgraced cosmonaut
A million miles below the streets
A million miles a million miles



Blue blue is the sun 
Brown brown is the sky 
Green green are her eyes 
A million miles a million miles 
Hey hey don't you wanna go down 
Like some displaced cosmonaut 
A million miles below the streets 
A million miles a million miles 


We are all drifters.

More : Cracker.

Jake La Motta: “did you fuck my wife ?” (Raging Bull)

You fuck my wife ?!

Jake La Motta (Robert De Niro): Did you fuck my wife ?

Joey La Motta (Joe Pesci): What ?!

Jake La Motta: Did you fuck my wife ?

Joey La Motta: [pauses, looks insulted] How could you ask me a question like that ? How could you ask me ? I’m your brother. You ask me that ? Where do you get your balls big enough to ask me that ?

Jake La Motta: [cooly] Just tell me.

Joey La Motta: I’m not answerin’ ya. I’m not gonna answer that. It’s stupid.

Jake La Motta: You’re very smart Joey. You give me all these answers, but you ain’t givin’ me the right answer. I’m askin’ ya again. Did you or did you not?

Joey La Motta: [frightened but controlled] I’m not gonna answer. That’s a sick question, you’re a sick fuck, and I’m not that sick that I’m gonna answer it. I’m not tellin’ ya anything… I’m gonna leave.

If Lenore calls, tell her I went home. I’m not staying in this nuthouse with you, you’re a sick mess, I feel sorry for ya, I really do. You know what you should do ? Try a little more fuckin’ and a little less eatin’. You won’t have troubles upstairs in your bedroom and you won’t pick it up on me and everybody else.

Do you understand, you fuckin’ wacko? You’re crackin’ up! Fuckin’ screwball, ya ! [walks out the door]

From Raging Bull, 1980.

Kickboxing : “Iron” Mike Zambidis, le grec aux poings d’acier photo

Kickboxing : “Iron” Mike Zambidis, le grec aux poings d’acier

Je vous présente Mike Zambidis, champion grec de kickboxing :

Impressionnant ! Rapide, précis et ne laisse visiblement aucune chance à ses adversaires. Il a vraiment un style phénoménal. Admirez ses punch : aussi à l’aise du droit que du gauche. Et je ne mentionne même pas des coups de pied ou coups de genou. Mortels.

Lire la suite

Jake La Motta : Raging Bull’s opening speech

That\'s entertainment!

In voice-over, Jake La Motta (Robert De Niro) speaks, as the film cuts to La Motta, alone in his dressing room where he rehearses for his nightclub appearance reciting bits of Shakespearean tragedy, wearing a tuxedo and open shirt.

His fantasy of disrobing in the ring presents the film’s recurrent theme of sexual anxiety, violence, fear, and confusion :

I remember those cheers
They still ring in my ears
And for years they’ll remain in my thoughts
Cuz one night I took off my robe
And what’d I do
I forgot to wear shorts.
I recall every fall, every hook, every jab
The worst way a guy could get rid of his flab
As you know, my life was a jab…
Though I’d rather hear you cheer
When I delve into Shakespeare
“A Horse, a Horse, my Kingdom for a Horse,”
I haven’t had a winner in six months (he lights his cigar)…

I know I’m no Olivier
But if he fought Sugar Ray
He would say
That the thing ain’t the ring
It’s the play.
So gimme a stage
Where this bull here can rage
And though I can fight
I’d much rather recite

That’s entertainment !

That’s entertainment.

– From Raging Bull