O'Sullivan's Manifest Destiny

Introduction O'Sullivan is one of the most famous journalist in American history. He is the one who coined the expression "Manifest Destiny". He was a democrat and the official spokesman for American expansion (we should remember that Democrats standed for expansion whereas Republicans were against). O'Sullivan wrote two important articles: "the Great Nation of Futurity" in 1839 and "Annexation" in 1845, where he added a justification to American expansion. For O'Sullivan, the two major words were "manifest destiny" and "justification". […]

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West to the Pacific

A westward expansion Expansion is both commercial and territorial. American expansion was always as sort of global attitude involving territorial growth and commercial expansion, exactly like a body that grows. America has always been perceived as a body. The growth is so huge that nobody can do anything about it: unlimited development, though only extending to the West. In 1800, the Western Boundary/Border was the Mississippi River. Beyond it, standed great areas of land, not very known: 600 miles to […]

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Puritanism : a New World Vision

I. The Puritan New World vision in the longer schemes of things English Puritans can be divided into several groups. Most of the Puritans remained in England. They accepted the principle of Oliver Cromwell's Commonwealth, with the Separatists (no affiliation with authority and the English protestant church). They were persecuted and many of them had to run away and come to the New World. To many Puritans, Christopher Columbus's passage in America was one of the most important historical events […]

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