Inequalities today, Tony Blair's project

In its 1997 General Election Manifesto, entitled New Labour : Because Britain Deserves Better, 'New' Labour laid out its case to the electors : I want a Britain that is one nation, with shared values and purpose, where merit comes before privilege, run for the many not the few ...(p. 1) We are a broad-based movement for progress and justice. New Labour is the political arm of none other than the British people as a whole. Our values are the […]

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Inequalities in Great Britain in the 19th and 20th centuries

The Poor Law Amendment Act (1834) Victorian philanthropy Electoral inequalities : the Road to Male Suffrage More electoral inequalities : the Road to Female Suffrage Ante Bellum, Inter Bella : Legislation and the Depression The Beveridge Report : a revolution ? The Welfare State : an end to poverty and inequality ? The Affluent Society : poverty rediscovered ? Inequality and Race Inequality and Gender The Thatcher Years : the individual and society Inequalities today, Tony Blair’s project

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