St Patrick’s Day at the Billy Bob’s

St Patrick's Day !!!

Yesterday was St Patrick’s Day. Officially, that is Ireland’s National Day but off the record, it’s a pretty good opportunity to get out to your local pub and get loaded with a pint or three !

And that’s what we did last night with Amélie and Pierre-Jean : we went down to the Billy Bob’s, a saloon bar located near the entrance of the Disney Village Paris.

The place is usually crowded but it was even more so last night with all the square dancers and the little leprechauns reeling and jigging around. All those green hats, green tops and green tattoos… quite an atmosphere if you ask me !

The support band was a pipe band, the Paris District Pipe Band, which was good and the line-up band was Téada, which is more famous as they often play during the Lorient Interceltic Festival in the summer.

I had a kick out of the two pretty modern Irish step dancers that appeared on stage. Apparently, that didn’t go unnoticed and I’m likely to hear about it in the staff room !

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2 pensées sur “St Patrick’s Day at the Billy Bob’s”

  1. Ah tu parles du bassiste de Point Blank à qui tu avais tapé dans l’oeil ? ;-)

    C’était 100% irlandais – il y avait tout un groupe de jeunes qui devaient faire un échange scolaire, ils ont vraiment guinché toute la soirée. Et leurs profs jouaient les chaperons, j’ai regardé tout cela d’un oeil amusé !