Song Displayer est un plugin pour WordPress 1.x/2.x qui vous permet d’afficher ce que joue Winamp ou SAM Broadcaster sur votre blog en se servant des tags ID3v1 s’ils sont présent ou du nom du fichier tel qu’il apparaît dans la playlist dans le cas contraire. Vous avez aussi la possibilité de faire un lien de ces informations vers votre radio Shoutcast ou IceCast afin de faire partager ce que vous écoutez avec vos visiteurs. Si Winamp/SAM Broadcaster ne joue pas, le message par défaut s’affiche (“Radio is off”).

Song Displayer is a WordPress 1.x/2.x plugin that lets you display on your blog the song information extracted from your Winamp or SAM Broadcaster playlist using the ID3v1 tags. It requires the DoSomething plugin for Winamp. You can link up this information to your Shoutcast or IceCast radio so as to share what you are listening to with your readers. If nothing is playing, a default message is output (“Radio is off”).

Dernière version / Last version : 0.4



v0.4 – added support for SAM Broadcaster.
v0.3 – bug fix version. Now supports WP 1.5+ and up.
v0.2 – initial release


The script is linkware. Talk about it on your blog/site or hit the donate button :)

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    Is the song displayer still a supported plugin?, can we still use this for the latest version of SAM broadcaster? Thaks

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      Yes, Song Displayer is working. I’m using it on SAM v4.2.2 under wine (Ubuntu).

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    Hello Vamsi, simply download the plugin and put it in your wp-content/plugins/ directory. Chmod it 666 and edit it so that i reflects your configuration. Then activate it and paste the show_playlist() function in your template where you want the information to appear. Also check the quick Song Displayer install guide with images.

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    Hello cxmtl, the DoSomething only supports ID3v1 as of now and it does not look like it’s still being developped… I can only recommend to have your files tagged both in ID3v1 and ID3v2. I’m using Mp3Tag to tag hundreds of files at once :)

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