Ante Bellum South

Introduction The South had developped a unique society and a sense of Southern nationalism. The conflict with the North and the secession were an attempt to create an independent nation. Also a contrast, the South having developped a class system whereas the North was characterized by a social structure. Ante Bellum South A Southern ideology -based on aristocracy- justified slavery. Many (crazy) explanations were put forward like: "the African race is biologically inferior" or "physically and mentally under-developped". Through slavery, […]

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Introduction to Puritanism and Expansionism

A few notions... Puritanism is a radical version of Protestantism, which is rooted in the movement called the Reformation (16th century). American Puritanism and English Puritanism are fairly different. American Puritanism became the ultimate, most coherent of Protestantism because it grew in a virgin soil. It is an experiment in America with European roots. The most famous characters are Luther and Calvin, who both had a great influence first in Europe and then in America. The most radical movement was […]

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Puritanism : a New World Vision

I. The Puritan New World vision in the longer schemes of things English Puritans can be divided into several groups. Most of the Puritans remained in England. They accepted the principle of Oliver Cromwell's Commonwealth, with the Separatists (no affiliation with authority and the English protestant church). They were persecuted and many of them had to run away and come to the New World. To many Puritans, Christopher Columbus's passage in America was one of the most important historical events […]

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