Ish Marquez – I Perceive Things

Ish Marquez vient du Bronx et fait partie de la scène anti-folk, qui est un sous-genre musical du punk, qui mêle des éléments de punk rock et de musique folk américaine. L’anti-folk a fait son apparition au milieu des années 1980 à New York.

Le répertoire d’Ish Marquez est assez éclectique mais j’aime beaucoup I Perceive Things :

Sometimes if I’m in mourning, I’m hit with the daze
of the nights that were given to a substance use
Running through the bone of a body that’s already been abused
by a world (in me) the stupid people in the neighborhood
so if it’s a problem to hold to a sensitive soul
so hurt by insensitive trolls

Now I don’t know what you’ve been told…
All I know is I am fed up with atrocities
from this world

I perceive things, much too cold
I am now the cynic and I
can’t believe what’s been told

2nd verse
Isn’t it amazing?
How the body and the mind start to centralize on growth?
Negative or Positive in Energy is what’s been shown
in the people, who change a landscape many times
they misuse it as a home
fuhgetabout the Real Deal
it’s not what’s been sold



Et elle reste bien en tête celle-là !

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