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Une autre chanson d’Ish Marquez, Gin Is Not My Friend :


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Verse 1
I walk down the steps to the bar room
So I can get a drink with my dealerless friend and I say
If you can call me babe and if I can call her baby
But she had told me you could call me Gin, your friend
And I can suck tounge if you want to
But you're gonna have to spend the money in your pockets if your cool
If you're gonna act like a jack-ass
You are going to stumble when you get up from the stool

And we can get a drink now,
Invite my friend tonic.
And we'll have a little twist now.

Verse 2
I walk up the steps from the barroom
So I can get the night and a little fresh air and I say
I'd better head back to my girlfriend
Or she is going to kick my ass when I get home later today
I open the door and there's a dark cloud standing in the way
And there's a frown upon her face and so I see
Today I'm going to die cause my girlfriends telling me I'd better find another place to stay


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