Eddy B and Tim Gunter – Underdog

A young nigga with a dollar and a dream
And these Nikes on my feet, tryna stay up out the streets
So I’m rhyming pulling 187s all on these beats
Stead of on the concrete
Cemeting my future while they were focused on what they chief
But shit, I’m like a chief, head honcho
Tell me that it’s impossible I’ll get it to you pronto
Been workin’ all these late nights and these early mornings like Alonzo
So one day they’ll be callin’ me great, just call me Gonzo
But, I’m never actin’ nor is anybody pulling strings
Everything I have came from sacrificing everything
I traded workin’ 9 to 5 for the minimum
For workin non-stop so my life be like a cinema screen
But in the end I wouldn’t have it any other way
Got on my knees and for this rap to work is what I prayed
And now it’s happening, crunchin’ numbers like captain
A serial (cereal) killer compelling listeners with this passion for words
Never actin, my verbs were truly fashioned to serve
Not only masses but curbs, not just the hood, but the burbs
Know you hear it everytime I grace the mic, then I give it to God
Feeling blinded by the lights, and it’s on!


Let me see you put ’em up
Reach the sky, touch the stars up above
Cause it’s, one time for the underdog
One time for the underdog

You got the world on your team
Even if that ain’t what it seems
It’s one time for the underdog
One time for the underdog

A 20 year old dreamin’ of whippin’ Monte Carlo’s
And gold jewlery lookin’ like I cam from El Dorado
Pick up the pen and pad, stead of spittin gin and vag
I’m paintin’ pictures with my words, just call me young picasso
These haters only gas me up and then I mash the throttle
Binge drinkers think its safe to say should drop the bottle
Cause what I’m spittin’ is proof, and truth is hard to swallow
When rappers losin’ they heads, that’s word to sleepy hollow
Nowadays they tryna flex, Johnny Bravo
And I’ll be Rocky in the second fight against Apollo
Underdog, but you see, I won the war
Askin me if I can spit is askin’ me to raise the bar
I been in this place before, matter fact most of my life
They told me I would fail, die before I prove ’em right
Pennin’ verses on my lunch bag, now I’m doin shows
Lady luck blew me a kiss, now I’m a prince, never a toad
Bet your bottom, I’m the greatest, that’s on everything I own
And though it isn’t much, I want the world like Al Capone
I’m coming for the glory, this a sermon to the masses
The kid you shitted on is telling you to wipe his ass

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