Uno Hype – We Were Kings feat. Hassani Kwess

Tiens, une de ces vidéos sur laquelle je suis tombée un jour je ne sais trop comment.

Voici donc Uno Hype, un groupe de rap/hip-hop du Maryland, interprétant We Were Kings :

Uno Hype – We Were Kings Feat. Hassani Kwess

Ay yo Black Diamond
Sometimes it take that soul to get this shit up out a nigga, you know what I’m sayin?
But I’mma let em know
No love

[Hassani Kwess]
If these hoes wanna choose, let em choose then
Dimes ain’t shakin with squares, fuck you been?
And I’m in the club tryin to find a new friend
Never chase my vodka with juice, it’s too thin

I know you feel me if you do liquor
Hard times and the brew get me through quicker
But you gotta know your place when you play your part
Cause thats why OG’s ain’t fuckin with them new niggas

Listen to me, I got a dream and I scheme up a storm on my block
I wind up green, fiends won’t crack what I rock
On the block I’m from, they ain’t got the talent I got
I nut up, take off the vest, when life shoots me, my shot

I already got a burden, and it’s called the struggle
When you’re rich, it’s rap, when you’re broke, it’s called a hustle
And the doubt that you won’t make it out is called a muzzle
And what the weak call pain, I call it muscle

And I work it out
It hurts sometimes, but damn life is worth it now

And I’m tryin to fill the void like a hole in me
While my damn demons tryin to keep the hole empty
I’m tryin to live it but the pessimism holdin me
If I see him, I keep going, it’s the soul in me

Let him know a nigga breathe, I swear to god
I’mma rob cats if I don’t get a better job
But that ain’t in me, so I’m drivin with the tank empty
I better ball, so I rhyme and stay Kwess for y’all

I’mma let it off, I’mma let it off
So I rhyme and stay Kwess for y’all
I’mma let it off

You don’t know what you had
But you’re gonna find I ain’t so bad
When I’m gone and you’re alone
No one to give it to you

Cause now I know where it’s at
That’s right I’m wrong
It’s such a drag that
The bitch is back
But not for long

[Uno Hype]
The way I see the game, damn homie it’s so fucked up
Sayin that I looked up, I climbed up the ladder
Now I’m at the top like what’s up
Nothin comin away of it, except homie that wanna hate on me, but that’s a given

Tell the world to wait on me if this ain’t what they feelin
Until then, I’m grindin with the same clip, I be on the same shit
No respect to them lames you be hanging with, got everybody bangin this
Homie double teamin so I’m droppin this, dip it like Stojaković

Tell everybody watch this shit, I’m about to drop 30 on you niggas
Goin for the gold, James Worthy on you niggas
Blowin eights of purp, I’m like Kobe on you niggas
The color gettin darker on the pictures

Standin in the room while the lights keep flickin
Time still passin, blunts still ashin
Young Uno used to be ashin, fuck all the chicks that pass him
Tell em to keep it classy, nigga

Sittin’ there your little throne
The queen of right got no king of wrong
To bring it on you play on
Go find someone else

You never felt this before
But I don’t feel the same anymore
Cause I don’t need this shit goin’ on

Et si vous en voulez encore, la mixtape “Fxck The Hype” est téléchargeable ici. Cela va bien marcher ça.

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