RingsMy dear friend Cleave is getting married today ! Yes, you heard me – the witchking is going to make the official step from bachelor to married man. I’ve known Cleave for a few years now – thanks to a certain forum – and I can say he’s one of the most reliable friends you can make on the Internet. There are only a few that can belong to such a group and he’s one of them. Well, with a name such as his, what could you possibly expect ? ^_^

As for marriage, he literally had to jump through hoops to make it happen. Apparently eastern marriages are way more complicated than what we are used to over here. Let me recap with a few examples what Cleave shared with us so far : in Malaysia, you have to report to their religious offices for an interview when you want to register for marriage. Marriage registration is important if you’re planning on having kids : the hospital won’t release a birth certificate if the parents don’t have a valid marriage license. Failing the interview means you have to postpone your application as it won’t be processed without it. It makes the preparation of marriage sounds like an ordeal to go through, doesn’t it ? And I will only allude to the efforts cleave made to be even considered by his father in law, a retired war hero :

Those sleepless nights playing Rome :Total War and Medal of Honor paid of as well. Now I can confidently chat about war tactics or 2nd world war weaponary with him. I think that impressed the crap outta him.

Cleave, I wish you and Mrs Cleave the very best ! And send me pictures along the way ! ;-)

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