The American Renaissance

Ralph Waldo EMERSON Emerson's literary and philosophical importance in the American renaissance and after it has always been associated with his lasting influence in two domains of American intellectual and social life: The emergence of an America romantic sensibility. The emergence of a characteristically American conception of individual consciousness and actions. For the first time in America, Emerson gave full expression to a philosophy of romantic idealism. He thought that the spiritual and intellectual ideals of the 18th century, the […]

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Declaration of Literary Independence

I. Washington IRVING: evolution, nostalgia and imaginary compensation Irving was not under the influence of sentimentalism or romanticism, the two big influences of that time. In a way, he was the perfect incarnation of the American early literary development. He was a figure of literary transition in a society where American literature was still a hybrid. Irving's artistic opinions and his style changed dramatically over time but we can detect certain opinions and thematic elements that dominate his early as […]

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