Happy Birthday Jules: 1

It’s been quite a while since I last shared some intimate articles… well, I’ve been pretty busy this year as we had our first child, Jules, back in December 2018.

It’s been quite a ride so far – I’ve learned a good deal about babies and how to micro-manage sleep. Next item on my list for the next year would be managing to walk across the house without stepping on noisy/pointy/hard toys!

Jules has just turned one year old: I remember the early days when he was just a little creature, warmly wrapped-up in his little baby clothes. Now he’s almost walking, helping himself up with the coffee table or the sofa, opening every cupboard and drawer to take things out ;-)

Now is a good time to reflect upon oneself as well: having a child makes you think about your own actions as you now have to be a role model, whose behaviour is going to influence your child. It’s not just you or us as a couple, it’s us as a family, as a whole.

This changes every view you have on life, education or your professional life. Kiddo comes first, the rest will have to pan out as it comes.

Happy Birthday Jules, many happy returns of the day!

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    • Merci Agat’ :)
      Ah oui, je confirme que cela change la vie, c’est une tornade!! On a pris le congé parental pour en profiter un maximum avant de le laisser à d’autres…

      Meilleurs voeux à toute la famille :)


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