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Happy Birthday Jules: 1 photo 4

Happy Birthday Jules: 1

It’s been quite a while since I last shared some intimate articles… well, I’ve been pretty busy this year as we had our first child, Jules, back in December 2018.

It’s been quite a ride so far – I’ve learned a good deal about babies and how to micro-manage sleep. Next item on my list for the next year would be managing to walk across the house without stepping on noisy/pointy/hard toys!

Jules has just turned one year old: I remember the early days when he was just a little creature, warmly wrapped-up in his little baby clothes. Now he’s almost walking, helping himself up with the coffee table or the sofa, opening every cupboard and drawer to take things out ;-)

Now is a good time to reflect upon oneself as well: having a child makes you think about your own actions as you now have to be a role model, whose behaviour is going to influence your child. It’s not just you or us as a couple, it’s us as a family, as a whole.

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It ain't the coffee in my kitchen... photo

Pulp Fiction: it ain’t the coffee in my kitchen…

Don't Jimmy me !

Jules (Samuel L. Jackson): Hmm… God damn Jimmy! This some serious gourmet shit! Me and Vincent woulda been satisfied with some freeze-dried Taster’s Choice, right? Huh! And he springs this serious gourmet shit on us. What flavor is this?

Jimmy (Quentin Tarantino): Knock it off, Julie.

Jules : What ?

Jimmy: I don’t need you to tell me how fuckin’ good my coffee is, okay? I’m the one who buys it. I know how good it is. When Bonnie goes shopping, she buys shit. I buy the gourmet expensive stuff ’cause when I drink it, I wanna taste it. But you know what’s on my mind right now? It ain’t the coffee in my kitchen. It’s the dead nigger in my garage.

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It's the one that says

Pulp Fiction : it’s the one that says “Bad Motherfucker”

My Bad Motherfucker !

Honey Bunny (Amanda Plummer): I wanna go home !

Jules (Samuel L. Jackson) : Just hang in there, baby, you’re doing’ great, I’m proud of you and Ringo’s proud of you ! It’s almost over. Tell her you’re proud !

Pumpkin (Tim Roth) : I’m proud of you Honey Bunny.

Honey Bunny : I love you !

Pumpkin : I love you too Honey Bunny.

Jules : (to Pumpkin) Now. I want you to go in that bag and find my wallet.

Pumpkin : Which one is it?

Jules : It’s the one that says Bad Motherfucker.

(Pumpkin seeks in the bag)

Jules : That’s it ! That’s my bad motherfucker. Open it up and take out the money.

(Pumpkin opens the wallet, takes the cash)

Jules : Count it !

(Pumpkin counts)

Jules : How much is there ?

(Pumpkin counts again)

Pumpkin : About fifteen hundred dollars.

Jules : Okay, put it in your pocket, it’s yours. Now with the rest of those wallets and the register, that makes this a pretty successful little score eh ?

– From Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction : “This was divine intervention…”

Shooter: [busting the door, emptying his gun]
Die you motherfuckers !!!

[Gun clicks, no ammo left]


[Jules and Vincent look at each other then reply with their guns]

Vincent (John Travolta): [to Marvin] Why the fuck didn’t you tell us somebody was in the bathroom? Slipped your mind? Did you forget that somebody was in there with a goddamn hand cannon?

Jules (Samuel L. Jackson): Did you see the size of that gun right in front of us ? It was bigger than him!


We should be fucking dead man!

Vincent: I know, we was lucky.

Jules: No no no no… that’s just wasn’t luck.

Vincent: Yeah maybe.

Jules: This was divine intervention. You know what “divine intervention” is?

Vincent: I think so. That means that God came down from Heaven and stopped the bullets?

Jules: That’s right! That’s exactly what it means. God came down from Heaven and stopped these motherfucking bullets.

Vincent : I think it’s time for us to leave Jules.

Jules : Don’t do that ! Don’t fucking blow this shit up ! What just happened here was a fucking miracle !

Vincent : Chill Jules, this shit happens.

Jules : Wrong ! Wrong, this shit doesn’t just happen.

Vincent: Do you want to continue this theological discussion in the car or in a jailhouse with the cops?

Jules: We should be fucking dead my friend! What happened here was a miracle and I want you to fucking acknowledge it!

Vincent : Alright, it was a miracle. Can we go now?

– From Pulp Fiction