19th Century Literary Movements : Realism and Naturalism

19th century literary movements : Realism and Naturalism photo

Introduction Realism and Naturalism are a reaction against Romanticism (imagination, poetry and prose, as well as the main themes : nature, exoticism, history, and heroes depicted as exceptional individuals) because it was thought to have lost touch with the contemporary. Three revolutions took place during the 19th century : the industrial revolution, the scientific revolution, and the moral revolution. In Great Britain, the Victorian Era lasted from 1837 to 1901. In the USA, the Civil War lasted from 1861 to […]

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I. Defining the (literary) self and the nation: representative figures As an aesthetic phenomenon, Modernism refers to a period that ended in the late 1930's to early 1940's. The term "modernism" was first used in Germany in the 1890's, the period in which Modernism is said to have appeared. Unlike such terms as "Romanticism" or Classicism", Modernism does not refer to the qualities of works of art in a particular period: it is based on the idea that works of […]

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American Literature

History of American Literature Chapter 01 : The emergence of an authentically American Literature Chapter 02 : Puritanism: a New World Vision Chapter 03 : Declaration of Literary Independence Chapter 04 : The American Renaissance Chapter 05 : Modernism Francis Scott Fitzgerald : The Great Gatsby Structure and narration Ordering of events Arthur Miller : Death of a Salesman Extended introduction to Death of a Salesman

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