Family in Death of a Salesman

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In an article entitled The Family in Modern Drama, Arthur Miller insisted that all "great plays" finally grapple with one central issue: "how may a man make of the outside world a home?". Making of the outside world a home would imply being "well-liked": managing to turn anonymous, business relations into close family ties - that is to say being able, like Dave Singleman, "to go... into twenty or thirty different cities, and pick up a phone, and be remembered […]

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Death of a Salesman: Tragedy versus Social Drama

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Lots of critics have debated the tragic dimension of Death of a Salesman. Two levels have often been considered: the notion of genre, by referring to Aristotle's Poetics, and the possibility of a new approach to tragedy, that would be concerned with the response of mankind to rapid technological advance. The generic discussion (from genre) has often borne on an opposition between social drama dealing with the little man as victim of an oppressive, social and economic system, and tragedy […]

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Death of a Salesman: the play's structure, a memory play

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If the external plot of Death of a Salesman may be divided into chronologically organised sequences: Act one (Monday evening and night); Act two (Tuesday), and the requiem a few days after (Willy's burial), the same is not true of the internal plot: Willy's stream of consciousness. In "the inside of Willy's head", past and present are blurred. Memories constantly impinge on present situations and, conversely, the present is put at some distance by the flood of recollections. The past/present […]

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American Literature

History of American Literature Chapter 01 : The emergence of an authentically American Literature Chapter 02 : Puritanism: a New World Vision Chapter 03 : Declaration of Literary Independence Chapter 04 : The American Renaissance Chapter 05 : Modernism Francis Scott Fitzgerald : The Great Gatsby Structure and narration Ordering of events Arthur Miller : Death of a Salesman Extended introduction to Death of a Salesman

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