Mazzy Star - Take Everything guitar tab

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Mazzy Star - Take Everything guitar tab

From:   Tara D. Kennedy []

Song:   "Take Everything"
Artist: Mazzy Star (written by Hope Sandoval & David Roback)
Source: "Among my Swan"

Tara Kennedy (
lyrics courtesy of


[Bm]I can't believe your [A] thinking
[Bm]Save everyone [A] inside you

[F#m]Ta[E]ke [Bm] everything
[F#m]Fa[E]ke [Bm] everything
[F#m]Sa[E]ve [Bmsus] everything about [A] me

[Bm]All of you, all [A] right
[Bm]Just because I want [A] to know
[F#m]Do you still [E] come last night [Bm] clear eyes pale
[F#m]You never [E] got there even [Bm] though you say you will
[F#m]Sorry [E] now that you've [Bmsus] fallen from my eyes
That's the [A] truth

[F#m]Why [E] tell me [Bm] about what you feel
[F#m]Why [E] tell me [Bm] about anything
[F#m]You're just [E] waiting for [Bm] her to come apart
[F#m]You're just [E] waiting for [Bm] her

[F#m][E][Bm] 3x

[F#m]Ta[E]ke [Bm] everything
[F#m]Fa[E]ke [Bm] everything
[F#m]Sa[E]ve [Bm] everything 

[F#m][E][Bm] until fade out. Last chord is [Bmsus]                                                                          Take everything
This is my very first transcription so I apologize for any errors. 
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