ZZ Top - Oldman guitar tab

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ZZ Top - Oldman guitar tab

From GUNGBG@aol.com Tue Nov  3 16:13:52 1998

Old Man
ZZ Top

intro  G D C
       G D C

G         D               C
Old man sleepin' the hot day away,
G           D               C
while he dreams a thousand yesterdays.
G            D           C
'Cause he's had so many come his way.
A                       C                           G
All he cares about is somewhere to lay his head tomorrow.

G         D                C
Old man sits and thinks about his home.
G         D                 C
Doesn't matter 'cause he's all alone.
G           D               C
What he'd give to get back on his own.
A                             C                          G
Curses his body 'cause it's old and it gives no transportation.
A                          C                                 G
He sits in his one room shack alone but it provides no consolation.

guitar solo - G D C
              G D C
              G D C
              G C G D
What a shame,
his time is nearin'.
His eyes won't let him see
the skies are clearin'.
Someone tells him
without his hearin'.
A                            C
It's no news to those who've been around
                   A       C
while things are changin', whoa, yeah

guitar solo - A  C x7
       end on G