ZZ Top - 2000blues guitar tab

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ZZ Top - 2000blues guitar tab

------------------------------PLEASE NOTE------------------------------I
This file is the author`s own work and represents their interpretation I
of the song. You may only use this file for private study,scholarship, I
or research.                                                           I
Typed out by Fritz Mayr/Guitar Player from Silent Cry

                      2000 BLUES (ZZ TOP)
       (Words+Music by Billy Gibbons,Dusty Hill,Frank Beard)

Intro:  Em7 D I D I Em7 A I A I Em7 D I D I Em7 D I D I

         Em7     D                        Em7
1.Verse:       A hundred thousand dollars
         Em7            D                         Em7
               wouldn�t touch the price i�ve paid
         Em7    D                            Em7
               of a hundred thousand moments
         Em7    D
               of the times i wish i�d stayed
         F#m7                                      B7sus4
               but even if i had all the time and money
               it�s still the same old news
         Em7                        D
               nothin� does you any good
                  Em7  D
         when you got two thousand blues

         Em7    D                  Em7
2.Verse:       ten thousand clouds
         Em7        D                Em7
               on a rainy rainy day
         Em7   D                  Em7
               could�nt wash away
         Em7    D
               all the dust and the haze
               but i tried and tried
               to search all the clues
         Em7                    D
               why i can�t wash away
         Em7   D
         these two thousand blues

Guitar Solo: Gm7 I Gm7 I Gm7 I Gm7 I Dm7 I Dm7 I Dm7 I Dm7 I
             Gm7 I Gm7 I Gm7 I Gm7 I Dm7 I Dm7 I Dm7 I Dm7 I Gm7 I Gm7 I

         Em7    D                    Em7
3.Verse:       if i had an airoplane
         Em7       D              Em7
               with a copilot too
         Em7    D                 Em7
               i�d fly to a planet
         Em7    D                    Em7
               that was closet to you
               i�d set the tracking system
               with your saftey fuse
               and set the countdown
         B7sus4                 Em7    D
               for two thousand blues......