Whitesnake - Love Aint No Stranger guitar tab

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Whitesnake - Love Aint No Stranger guitar tab

   "LOVE AIN'T NO STRANGER" (Transcribed by Markus Jakobsson)

A-Intro/First Verse

The song begins with (Jon Lord's) wonderful keyboards. The keyboard parts
mainly outline these chord changes, that could be strummed if you don't play
with a keyboard player.

   Who knows where the cold wind blows?  I ask my friends, but nobody knows...
 |       |              |          |   |            |           |       |
D/F#     G              A         Bm  D/F#          G           A      Bm

    Who am I to believe in love?      Oh, oh, oh. Love ain't no stranger...
  |        |        |       |        |          |
 D/F#      G        A      Bm       Bm          A
B-Second Verse

The acoustic guitar enters, arpeggiating the same chords(almost). It is pos-
soble that the slide in the Bsus2 chord should be a hammer-on. It is also 
possible that I just have tin ears, but I do think I hear SOME sort of grace 
note there. Anyway, it is just a detail, so if the fingering is tricky to you,
forget it.NOTE: What I call "dive bomb" slide has nothing to do with the thing
you do with the whammy bar. I just don't know what else you call those long,
fast slides down the low E-string.

[-Rhythm Fig.1--------------]                  Strum chords and let ring.
|-----------|---------------| Played 5 times, |----------|-0------------|
|---------3-|-------------2-| and then...     |-0--------|-2------------|
|---2----0--|---2------s-4--|                 |-4--------|-2------------|
|--0----0---|--2----(2)/4---|                 |-4--------|-2------------|
|-----------|-0---2---------|                 |-2--------|-0------------|
|-2---3-----|---------------|                 |----------|---------xxxxx|
  Verse 2:(with rhy.fig1)                      xxx=Electric guitars enters,
   I looked around, and what did I see?            with a "dive bomb slide"  
   Broken hearted people staring at me...
   All searching 'cause they still believe..     Oh, oh, oh...Love ain't no
C-Main Riff/Third Verse

()=These notes are there, but I can't make out if they are played by the 
hammond or another guitar. They don't have to be played by this guitar, anyway.

[-Rhythm Fig2----------------------------------------------------------------]
|-(3-2-3)----|-(3-2-3)----|-(3-2-3)-----|-----------|-------With- drum-fills-|
                                                Let E5-chord ring   
Make sure to nail that staccato rhythm, and to shake that last B5-chord in
every bar a little. (Maybe it would make more sense to place the 2/4 bar  
after the A5-chord, but that's one for the music theory guys to think about.)

[-Rhythm Fig. 3---------------------------------------------------------------]
 Verse 3:
I was alone,And I needed love. So much I'd sacrifice for all I was dreaming of.

(With Rhy.fig3)

I heard no warning, but a heart can tell... I feel the emptiness of love I know
so well...


Those slighly muted G5-Chords are the key to the fat, chunky sound. I don't
really remember if those "extra" chunks on the open and fifth fret of the A-
string really are on the record, but experiment with 16th-note chunks there.
It can sound very cool...

                     Let Chord Ring. 
 Chorus:           Love ain't no stranger...            I ain't no stranger...
                   Love ain't no stranger...        I ain't no stranger to     
    with Ry.Fig2.                                                              
   love...  no ,no ,no...
E-Fourth Verse

With Rhy.fig.3 ( 2 times)
    Can't hold the passion, of a soul in need...
    I look for mercy when my heart begins to bleed.
    I've known good loving, I'm a friend of pain.
    But when I read between the lines it's all the same...

F-Second Chorus

   with Rhy.Fig4
  Love ain't no stranger.
  I ain't no stranger.
  Love ain't no stranger.
  I ain't no stranger to love...

E-Guitar Solo

The rhythm part behind the solo is a semi-distorted electric, playing a pro-
gression almost like the one in Rhythm Figure 1. The chords are the same, but
I think they are arpeggiated a little differently. Play that, and nobody will
notice. The solo is a slow beautiful melody thing, that should not be hard to
figure out. I haven't transcribed it, since I work out my own leads for the co-
ver tunes I learn.(Try it, it's great fun).The last three bars of the rhythm
part goes something like this.

|--3--3-----|----|-----|      Then the song comes back to rhythm figure 1.
|--0--0---2-|-2--|-(2)-|        [--------8---------]
|--2--3-----|----|-----|       With Verse 1.     "Lord have mercy...
                                                  Love ain't no stranger!!!"
F-Agressive part.(Dunno what else to call it)
Play this part aggressively(Why do I keep giving these instructions? You know
how the record sounds. Oh, well...).

 with Ry.fig2, 1,5 times, then...  |------------|-----|------------|
 [-----6------]                    |------------|-----|------------|
G-Fifth Verse/Last Chorus.
  w.Rhy.fig3 (two times) 
   I was alone, and I needed love.
   So much I'd sacrifice for all I was dreaming of.
   Can't hold the passion of a soul in need.
   I look for mercy when my heart begin to bleed.

  w.rhy.fig4 (two times)

Turn down the volume knob on your guitar a bit for this tone. This is mainly
Rhythm Figure 1, again with some different arpeggiations.

 [-----6-----]  |-----------|----------|-----|
                                  "I ain't no stranger..."