Turin Brakes - Feeling Oblivion guitar tab

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Turin Brakes - Feeling Oblivion guitar tab

Feeling Oblivion - Turin Brakes

G	(320033)
Cadd9   (x32033)
Bm      (x24432)
D/F#    (2x0230)
Am      (x02210)
C       (x32010)
Am	(x02210)
C	(x32010)

G			  Cadd9		       Bm                                 
Cubscouts are screaming,  Needing icecream and all the pleasures

   D/F#  G                   Cadd9                     Bm                   
of June. I'm in a parked car flowers seem friendly and people in

	       D/F#   G             	    Cadd9					 
hallways feel walls.  Now it is night time, maybe we're cruising

 Bm                D/F#      G                   Cadd9 Bm
avoiding the anti cruise. oh i don't really know where we are.

              Am               C                G D/F#
If things get real promise to take me somewhere else_______

       Am                  C                      G     D/F#    
By the time fear takes me over will we still be roll____ing

                    G         Cadd9      Bm    (back to verse riff)
and feeling oblivion

   G     Cadd9 Bm          G    Cadd9 Bm    
So don't leave me          here on my own

Tabbed by Jameslayboy@lycos.co.uk