Thin Lizzy - Dont Believe A Word guitar tab

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Thin Lizzy - Dont Believe A Word guitar tab

Thin Lizzy: Don't Believe A Word

From: Kristoffer J Rydquist 

*Intro 8 bars:


Guitar 1:
-------7-5-----5-4--|-------7-5-----5-4--|------Repeat 5 times---

Guitar 2:

Guitar 1 plays 4 bars solo, then guitar 2 kicks in and they play three 
together. The last intro bar looks like this:

Guitar 1:         Guitar 2:
--------------|   |---------------
--------------|   |---------------
--------------|   |---------------
--5-5-4---7---|   |---9-9-7-------
--------5-----|   |---------7-0---
--------------|   |---------------

Guitar tacet, drums by the one and only Brian Downey! (one bar or

*Verse 1:

Tacet                  Am
Don't believe me if I tell you
                        Dm (C)  G
Not a word of this is true
         Am                G       F
Don't believe me if I tell you.. 'Specially if I tell you
Dm        C       G
I'm in love with you

The guitar playing in the verses are power/barre chords (Ex: Am G F 
Where a chord is played for a "long" time, play this figure instead of 
the chord:

Over Dm:                         Over Am:                  Over Em
-----------------------|        |--------------------       +2 compared 
to Dm
-----------------------|        |--------------------
-------(8)-(7)-(8)-----|        |--------(6)-(5)--(6)-
--------10--8---10-----|        |---------8---6----8---
-----------------------|        |--------------------
--8--8-----------------|        |---5--5------------

Both guitars play bass tones, then Git1 "parenthesised" notes, Git2 the 

*Verse 2:

Don't believe me if I tell you
That I wrote this song for you
That's just not for some other silly pretty girl (alt: "pretty silly",live
I'm singing to                                                    version)

*Bridge (or is this the chorus.. never mind):

                  Em                           Dm
Don't believe a word, the words are so easily spoken
And your heart is just like that promise.. made to be broken


Same chord progression as the verses, play it twice.
My suggestion: A pentatonic, harmonic minor or "blues scale".  
Scott Gorham (I guess its him) plays with wah-wah and Les Paul guitar.

*Bridge again
                Em                                  Dm
Don't believe a word, 'cause word's can tell (them) lies
But them lies ain't no comfort, when there's tears in your eyes.

*Verse 3: 

Repeat first verse..

*Outro (slight, barely audible wah fills..)

           G        Am  G  F
Don't believe a word
             G       Am G  F
No don't believe a word
              G      Am   G     F
Don't believe it, don't believe it
               G     Am   G     F
Not a single word

Hey don't!!

Intro riff 7 bars, 8th (last) bar:

E--------------5\----- (Hold A5 chord and slide down)


The "slow" version(s):


Am (Am7 sounds nice during the intro)
                let ring

(The bass plays the figure on the E and A strings)

On the LiveLife, one guitar plays Am7 arpeggios (one string at a time),
and the figure is:

                   let ring

Solos sounds best in harmonic minor, to create a "mood".
The riffs are gone, of course, just play open chords..


Chords: Cut this out if you know them..

Am x02210 or Am barre 577555, Am7 x02013 

Dm  xx0231 or barre  8 10 10 8 8 8 

Em  022000

G barre 355433 or open 320003 alt 320033

F barre  133211 or "open" skip the E,A strings


tabbed by Kristoffer Rydquist