The Wallflowers - Invisible guitar tab

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The Wallflowers - Invisible guitar tab

Invisible City:The Wallflowers

E			Aadd9					 E			    Aadd9
Looking back at the crash site 		 I don^�t see you by the Roadside
E			G#			C#m						  A
Well this heart is on wheels tonite 	Straight through the ghettos and without 
E			     Aadd9		E		 	      Aadd9
Now every heart has a blindside		Where it knows how to improvise
E			G#			C#m					A
Well this place is a whorehouse tonite	Cheap lovers make expensive wives
C#m			E			 B			G#
Now all of these horses			 That you chase around
C#m		    B	     F#						     B
In the end they are the ones 		That always bring you down	
E		  Aadd9			E			Aadd9
In this invisible city				Where no one sees nothing
E				  G#			C#m   B	A
We^�re touching faces in the dark		feeling pretty is so hard

E		    Aadd9			E		    Aadd9
Now all of these voices 			And all of these noises
E		G#					  C#m			      A
With all their elisions of choices 	           They^�ve come to my door with one 
dozen roses
E		    Aadd9			E		          Aadd9
The imitation of good faith 			Is how we stumble upon hate
E		         G#			C#m				         A
It may^�ve been the first of mistakes 	When we held on too losely let open the 
C#m		        E
Now all of these horses..........

E		     Aadd9					E				Aadd9
Now I try not to tell lies			But there^�s pressures from inside
E			G#						 C#m     	B		A
So I pulled out a compromise		 Good people for alibis
C#m			E
Well all of these Horses		

Whe you play the ^�B^� in the chorus, It^�s played at the 4th fret, only fretting 
and playing 3 strings. The D, G and B.