The Counting Crows - Omaha guitar tab

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The Counting Crows - Omaha guitar tab

Omaha - Counting Crows
From the album - August and Everything After
Tab submitted by: Digs -

There are a few tabs of this song on the web but none
of them have the intro transcribed properly. Although the 
intro is played on an accordian (I think) the tab below 
sounds coorect on the guitar. You will have to finger
pick the intro to get it to sound right.Its a bit tricky
to play but it adds a bit of class to the song when you play it.
The rhythm is easy to pick up if you listen to the song
but if you have any questions e-mail me 

Standard tuning.

Chords: F#M -   133111     
        E -     022100
        D -     XX0232  
        C#M     X46654
        B       X24442
        A -     X02220   

e --2----4---------5p4p2p0---2-------2-----4--5---7----
b --2----2----12---------------------2------------7----
g -------1----------------------4----------------------
d --4--------------------------------4-----------------
a ------------------------------------------------9----
e -----------------------------------------------------

e --9--10----12--------10--9----7h9p7/5----------------
b -----------10----------------------------------------
g -----------------------------------------------------
d -----------0-----------------------------------------
a -----------------------------------------------------
e -----------------------------------------------------


F#M               C#M
Start tearing the old man down

E                        B
Run past the heather and down to the old road

F#M                 C#M
Start turning the grain into the ground

Roll a new leaf over

F#M     C#M
In the middle of the night, theres an

E                    B
old man treading around in the gathered rain

F#M                         C#M
Well mister if you're gonna walk on water

E           D             A (Hold the A into the chorus)
Could you drop a line my way?

(A)   E

F#M           D
 somwehere in middle America

A                E
Get right to the heart of matters

D                            A
   Its the heart that matters more

E                     F#M              B
I think you'd better turn your ticket in

D                               A
And get your money back at the door

That is the basis of the song, you should be 
able to work out the rest from here!!