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Mail-it Now! Professional version is an advanced state-of-the-art form2mail script written in PHP which features:

  • fields check so that the data format is verified prior to submittion
  • multiple file uploads and email attachments
  • full email headers including CC and BCC so that multiple recipients can be added
  • option to set file type restrictions and set a maximum file size for uploaded files
  • option to create HTML or text-only email
  • option to keep uploaded files on the server
  • option to delete uploaded files after a defined period of time
  • answer page (error or success) generated on the fly
  • supports the email() function of Online.net
  • support for new TLDs in the email format check
  • supports safe-mode servers and PHP5, PHP7
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The terms of the Professional licence enable you to:

  • run the script on a single domain
  • get 12 months of support
  • benefit from a turnkey installation.
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Mail-it Now! Upload2Server


Advanced form2mail checking the email and message fields, and the validity of the email address. It works with every hosting provider using mail or email functions. It handles multiple file uploads and generates the reply page automatically. Supports Online.net’s email() function.

 Current version: [1.5.3]       License: [Linkware]       Downloads: [skygrab name= »min »] 

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Mail-it Now! Professional

Improved form2mail script featuring : multiple file uploads, file type restrictions, mail attachments, HTML email, CC and BCC copies, option to keep uploaded files on the server, option to set maximum filesize, auto-cleanup of files option, answer page generated on-the-fly, easy setup and configuration, supports the email() function of Online.net, supports safe-mode servers and PHP > 4.1.2, new TLDs taken into account. Read more.

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GraphiCookie Counter

Graphic counter using a cookie to identify your visitors not to count them twice. You can use your own images and define the cookie lifetime. Set of pictures included.

 Current version: [1.3]         License: [Linkware]        Downloads: [skygrab name= »gcc »] 

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GrafX Hit Counter

PHP hit counter displaying the results from a MySQL database. Simply add the 3 lines of code at the beginning of each page you want to track and the script will store the results in the database so that you know which pages are the most accessed and draw the graphs.

 Current version: [1.2]       License: [Donation-ware]       Downloads: [skygrab name= »gfx »] 

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last.fm 4 SAM Broadcaster

PHP plugin to update your last.fm profile with the tracks played on your SAM Broadcaster-powered webradio.

 Current version: [0.2]       License: [Donation-ware]       Downloads: [skygrab name= »lastfm_4_sam »] 

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Sortie de Mail-it Now! version 1.5.2 ce matin. Je me suis rendu compte que la fonction qui renommait à la volée les fichiers uploadés sur le serveur ne prenait en compte que le premier champs de fichier et ignorait complètement les suivants ! Du coup, l’upload multiple se transformait en upload simple. C’est désormais réglé. J’en ai profité pour retirer une variable superflue, étendre la gestion des caractères spéciaux dans les noms de fichiers et sécuriser les champs d’entête pour l’envoi du mail.

Changelog pour Mail-it Now! v1.5.2 (Avril 2006)

  • [FIX] : bug dans la fonction upload multiple
  • [ADD] : conversion des caractères spéciaux
  • [ADD] : sécurisation des entêtes
  • [ADD] : general code clean-up

Télécharger Mail-it Now! v1.5.2.

Je recommande donc à tous ceux qui utilisent le script de mettre à jour leur version. Ce sera probablement la dernière version avant la future mouture que sera la version 2.0.

Démo de Mail-it Now!Télécharger Mail-it Now!.

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