It ain't the coffee in my kitchen...

Jules (Samuel L. Jackson) : Hmm... God damn Jimmy ! This some serious gourmet shit! Me and Vincent woulda been satisfied with some freeze-dried Taster's Choice, right ? Huh ! And he springs this serious gourmet shit on us. What flavor is this ?Jimmy (Quentin Tarantino) : Knock it off, Julie.Jules : What ?Jimmy : I don't need you to tell me how fuckin' good my coffee is, okay ? I'm the one who buys it. I know how good […]

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Organized Crime and the Prohibition

Introduction You cannot really rely on newspapers articles. Recently, it featured the confessions of repenting organized crime members, i.e. the distort truth for their own interests. The police distorted the figures to get credit and money from the Federal Government. Organized crime was considered as a kind of un-american activity. Since more gangsters were ethnics (Jews, Russians, etc), calling them "un-american" was a way of dismissing american roots. In Scarface, the motto "the world is yours" highlights the ironic vision […]

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"There are varying degrees of evil..."

[Enter Connor, Murphy and Il Duce into the court room - armed. They make the mobster kneel in front of the audience.] Connor (Sean Patrick Flanery) : Now you will receive us ! Murphy (Norman Reedus) : We do not ask for your poor, or your hungry. Connor : We do not want your tired and sick. Murphy : It is your corrupt we claim. Connor : It is your evil that will be sought by us. Murphy : With […]

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It's the one that says "Bad Motherfucker"

Honey Bunny (Amanda Plummer): I wanna go home ! Jules (Samuel L. Jackson) : Just hang in there, baby, you're doing' great, I'm proud of you and Ringo's proud of you ! It's almost over. Tell her you're proud ! Pumpkin (Tim Roth) : I'm proud of you Honey Bunny. Honey Bunny : I love you ! Pumpkin : I love you too Honey Bunny. Jules : (to Pumpkin) Now. I want you to go in that bag and find […]

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"This was divine intervention..."

Shooter : [busting the door, emptying his gun] Die you motherfuckers !!! [Gun clicks, no ammo left] [Pause] [Jules and Vincent look at each other then reply with their guns] Vincent (John Travolta) : [to Marvin] Why the fuck didn't you tell us somebody was in the bathroom ? Slipped your mind ? Did you forget that somebody was in there with a goddamn hand cannon? Jules (Samuel L. Jackson) : Did you see the size of that gun right […]

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