De l'importance du cahier des charges du développement web

De l'importance du cahier des charges du développement web photo

J'ai eu l'occasion récemment d'écrire un formulaire de contact ainsi que son traitement PHP pour une entreprise de construction canadienne qui cherche à recruter du personnel. Je commence à écrire le code. Je connais bien les formulaires étant donné que c'est l'un de mes premiers scripts (2001 si je ne m'abuse). Je place le script sur mon serveur, commence ma batterie de tests histoire de pallier toutes les situations auxquelles un utilisateur lambda peut être confronté. Le code que je […]

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Mail-it Now! Professional Edition

Mail-it Now! Professional version is an advanced state-of-the-art form2mail script written in PHP which features: fields check so that the data format is verified prior to submittion multiple file uploads and email attachments full email headers including CC and BCC so that multiple recipients can be added option to set file type restrictions and set a maximum file size for uploaded files option to create HTML or text-only email option to keep uploaded files on the server option to delete […]

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Mail-it Now! Commercial Licence

Mail-it Now! is an advanced form2mail featuring: fields check multiple file uploads Answer page generated on-the-fly Easy setup and configuration Supports the email() function of Supports safe-mode servers and PHP > 4.1.2 Email verification takes new TLDs into account The Commercial Licence enables you to: run the script on several pages on one commercial website. remove the link to SkyMinds.Net. get unlimited support. benefit from a turnkey installation. Need more options ? Learn more about Mail-it Now! Professional Edition […]

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Scripts PHP-MySQL

Scripts PHP-MySQL photo

Mail-it Now! Upload2Server [no_toc] Advanced form2mail checking the email and message fields, and the validity of the email address. It works with every hosting provider using mail or email functions. It handles multiple file uploads and generates the reply page automatically. Supports's email() function.  Current version: [1.5.3]       License: [Linkware]       Downloads:   >> Download >> Demo                   >> Get the Professional Edition Mail-it Now! Professional Improved form2mail script featuring : multiple file uploads, file type restrictions, mail attachments, HTML email, CC and BCC copies, […]

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