Lord Jim : How is Conrad's first-hand experience of seamanship perceptible throughout the Patna episode ?

Conrad was a sailor and gave us a flavour of seamanship: read ch1-20, there are segments which should not be missed. In Youth (1828), Conrad wrote a fiction based on his first-hand experience as first mate on board a ship called the "Palestine". He was directly involved in an incident: the Palestine caught fire and the team, including Conrad, were obliged to abandon the ship. A trial took place and the team was cleared because they had done everything they […]

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Lord Jim by Joseph Conrad : "A free and wandering tale"

Introduction "A free and wandering tale" about "the acute consciousness of lost honour". Lord Jim is not a simple book that could be called novel: this is too reductive. From a technical point of view it is an idealistic image, a Jamesonian novel. Conrad tries to innovate by rejecting Victorian methods of writing and patterns. In an essay called "The New Novel" (1914), Henry James tries to analyze Conrad's complexity : "Conrad's first care is explicitly to set up a […]

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