Scorpions - Eye To Eye guitar tab

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Scorpions - Eye To Eye guitar tab

Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2001 11:52:53 -0400
From: "Ahmed Hegazy"  (by way of cathal woods)
Subject: s/scorpions/eye_to_eye.crd

Song:eye to eye
Source:Taken from 'Eye To Eye' album
Tabbed by Ahmed Hegazy ....

here it is the chords that u need in this song
..the whole thing is 4 chords!..

G   (320033)
Am  (002210)
C   (032010)
F   (133211)


    Am    G


C           G            Am
A live begins another's over ..etc

   F                 G
It happens to me  It happens to you


Am        G         F            G
Break ... drink ... in my .. you live.. etc

     Am     G          F         Am
It's now .. wish .. to see you  .. Eye to eye

-simple but beautiful as usual..
-any corrections or suggestions ..
mail me at