Scorpions - Born To Touch Your Feelings guitar tab

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Scorpions - Born To Touch Your Feelings guitar tab

From: "Offer Ambar" 
Subject: s/scorpions/
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 04:24:26 PST

This is the acoustic outro from "Born To Touch Your Feelings" by 

Since I don't have a tablature program I had to improvise...

capo on 4th fret

e  |-|-|-|0|-|-|              
B  |-|0|-|-|0|-| 
G  |-|-|0|-|-|0|  
D  |2|-|-|-|-|-|    x2
A  |-|-|-|-|-|-| 
E  |-|-|-|-|-|-|


e  |-|-|-|0|-|-|
B  |-|1|-|-|1|-| 
G  |-|-|2|-|-|2|    
D  |2|-|-|-|-|-|    x2
A  |-|-|-|-|-|-| 
E  |-|-|-|-|-|-|


e  |-|-|-|2|-|-|-|-|-|2|-|-|              
B  |-|3|-|-|3|-|-|3|-|-|3|-|                  
G  |-|-|2|-|-|2|-|-|2|-|-|0|  <--  notice the difference                      
D  |0|-|-|-|-|-|0|-|-|-|-|-|                           
A  |-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|                            
E  |-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|                                


e  |-|-|-|3|-|-|
B  |-|5|-|-|5|-| 
G  |-|-|4|-|-|4|    
D  |2|-|-|-|-|-|    x2
A  |-|-|-|-|-|-| 
E  |-|-|-|-|-|-|

Now play the same chord except do the regular order of the strings:


e  |-|-|-|0|-|-|              
B  |-|-|0|-|0|-| 
G  |-|0|-|-|-|0|  
D  |2|-|-|-|-|-|    x2
A  |-|-|-|-|-|-| 
E  |-|-|-|-|-|-|	


The rest is mostly improvision on the same chordes, plus the electric 
guitar does most of the job until everything fades out, so until we'll
find someone to tab the electric part (and\or the rest of the song),
that'll all there is that can be done...

If you're into Scorpions tabs please e-mail me because I've been looking 
forever for some of them, like the rest of this song, "White Dove", 
the "Wind Of Change" solo,(which was pretty messed up in the tab I 
and the chorus lead electric guitar in "Lonely Nights".  I'm at            

Special thanks to Michael (aka Misha) who let me borrow his Scorpions 
C.D for a week,
and the rest of Rotem Class who have always supported my artistic 
(actually only few of them know that I play guitar, but it's ok), and 
Dotan who lets 
me use his internet in his spare time.
And of course to my loyal guitars Ariana and Sunnydale.

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