Powderfinger - Whatever Makes You Happy guitar tab

WHAT EVER MAKES YOU HAPPY  -  Powderfinger(legends)
                              From 'Odyssey Number Five' 

Worked out by dAVE    ('I DONT NEED NO DRUGS TO CALM ME' p.f.)

Intro:F      C        Em          G        C      A7       D      (X2)

      F      C        Em          G        C      A7       D      
If we never make it back to how far we've come along this way
We search around for solid ground that will help to carry us away
If the memories I left throw the light that helps to guide you through
We trickle down to our goodbyes but a part of me will stay with you

G          Am      C    F
What we've spoken over time
G     Am         C 
Never broken or compromised

G     D     F-Fsus4-F-Fsus2  C        |Just F will do the job,              
Dream on to-ge--ther                  |but :    EADGBE
Leaning against each other            | F       XX3211   
However it happens I hope it's        | Fsus4   XX3311
G        D         F                  | Fsus2   XX3011
Whatever makes you happy              
Whatever makes you happy              

G     D     F Fsus4 F Fsus2  C
Dream on to-ge--ther
Leaning against each other
However it happens I hope it's
G        D         F
Whatever makes you happy
                   C                G            
Whatever makes you happy   yeah