Marillion - Slainte Mhath guitar tab

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Marillion - Slainte Mhath guitar tab

"Slainte Mhath"  by Marillion

First, the piano:


        -------------------------------------           O = 1/4 note
                                                        o = 1/8 note

        -------------------------------------           (4 times)
                O        o              o  

                  ---      ---   ---      ---
                   o        o     o        o

Then, some chords:

        [D] [C]   [Am] [G]      (4 times)

Now, a guitar:

        e ----------------------------
        b -4-3-4---------4-3-4------6-
        g --------3-5-3---------3-5---  (repeat this forever and ever)
        d ----------------------------
        a ----------------------------
        e ----------------------------
chords:   [F]            [Eb]

Time for some singing:

        A [F] hand held over a [Eb] candle in angst fuelled bra[F]vado [Eb]
        A [F] carbon trail [Eb] scores a moist stretched [F] palm [Eb]


        And you [C] listen with a [F] tear in [Bb] your eye
        to their [C] hopes and be[F]trayels and your [Bb] only reply
        is Slainte mhath.

The guitar-riff starts again, with the same chords:

        [F] Princes in exile [Eb] raising the standard Dram[F]buie [Eb]
        Pa[F]rading their anecdotes [Eb] tired from old cam[F]paigns [Eb]


        Take it a[Ab]way
        Take it a[Bb]way
        Take it a[Csus4]way
        Take it a[Bbsus4]way, take it away
        Take it a[Csus7]way, take it away
        Take me a[C]way! [Bb] [F]
        [C] [Bb] [F]

        From the [C] dream on a the barbed wire 
                at Flanders and [Bb] Bilston [F] Glen
        From a [C] Clydeside that rusts
                from the tears of its [Bb] broken [F] men


And that's all folks!
Stefan (pronounced: Stay-fun) Frank