Led Zeppelin - Wah Wah Song guitar tab

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Led Zeppelin - Wah Wah Song guitar tab

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
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From: cwachs@sun1.sun1.iusb.indiana.edu (over)
Subject: TAB: Wah-wah song (Page/Plant)

Hi.  This is the tab for the famed "wah-wah" song performed in the streets of 
Marrakech by Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, along with some Egyptian musicians. 
I've been pretty busy lately, which is why I didnt post this sooner.  Time 
permiting, ill get around to posting "Wonderful One" next week sometime maybe 
after the album comes out. ANyway, heres the song, really, really easy. The 
trick of course is the coolest tuning you'll ever see. And here it is...


Yep. Thats right. Open A (sorta).  And yes, tune your low E down SEVEN steps, 
and go from there. Tune your A down five, and so on.  The high strings really 
dont matter, since Jimmy just uses the first four, but when I play it I like 
to throw in some ringing open chords.  VERY cool sound, awesdome song.  The 
three chords are:  

---    ---   ---     ------------------------
---    ---   ---     ------------------------ 
---    ---   -0-     -0----------------------
-7-    -7-   -0-     -0---0-2-4-2-0---7------
-7-    -9-   -0-     -0---------------7------
-7-    -7-  -(0)-    (0)--------------7------

Thats it.  get into a campfire/arabian kinda mood, take a string off your 
friends bass, throw in percussion and jam! I absolutely LOVE playing this 
song.  email me if you agree, or for other comments.  The words, you ask?

From my island home I feel a chance
To kiss the tired ghosts of time and circumstance
So give me peace of mind and let me dance
and bury all my pain and years beneath the sand 
On my heel these wings I gladly bear
and laugh into the face of anger and despair

(Gratuitous wah-wahing throughout song, and have fun with the vocals)

later all,