Zakk Wylde - Sweet Jesus guitar tab

song: Sweet Jesus
artist: Zakk Wylde
album: Pride and Glory

C                            G                             F                  C
Talkin down the line nearly lost my mind, nearly lost ya babe
C                            G                                                 F                   C
Think about ya child through my sick and twisted smile, nearly lost ya babe
C                            G                                F                   C
Shakin' in my hands, I just don't understand, nearly lost ya babe
C                             G                               F                    C
Lovin' just to hate, a war that just won't wait, I nearly lost ya babe

Dm                         C
my eyes have gone blind
Dm                         C
my past I just can't find
a flower to be saved
a flower for your grave
Eb                             C
lord I just don't know
G   F
oh Sweet Jesus
Where'd I go

(the rest of the song repeats the same chords)

second verse:

what it was to be was kinda clear to see, I nearly lost ya babe
ain't no backin' down cuz I ain't nobody's clown,
nearly lost ya mama breakin down inside,
nearly lost ya babe forever one more time,
until the day I die, nearly lost ya babe

(bridge - play verse chords once)