Don't Push: as on the Bradley Nowell acoustic cd
A(577655)   high E(779997)  B(799877)  high D(557775)  high F(881010108)

i am too lazy to figure out the beginning:)
[A]Stolen, from an African land, chased out with a knife, with a 
[D]face like Bob Marley and some [A]mouth like a motorbike
Oh well, the [E]bars are always [F]open, and the [A]time is always right
and if God's [E]good word goes un[F]spoken, the [A] music goes all night.
    and it goes...
[A]if i were Bob Marley i'd say "could you be loved"
and if i was half pint? i'd put my lord up above(words may be wrong here)
and if i was [D]that Mike Tyson i would look for a fight
and if i was [A]a home town rat i'd be staying up all night
if i was the [E]King Adrock i would get [F]stupid dumb
[A]i know i know...[E] [F] [B]

[A]if i had a shotgun, you know what i'd do, i'd straight
[D]point that shit up at the sky and shoot [A]heaven on down for you because...
[E]the bars are always [F]open
[A]and the time is always right, and if the 
[E]good word goes [F]unspoken, the [A]music goes all night
and it goes [A]i wanna lover but i can't find the time bada bye bye,
i want some reason but i can't find the rhyme, and 
i [D]wanna start some static but i can't afford
[A]just get off the ground like i fall off my skateboard (check words here also)
[E]ah now a days it's [F]clear as you please 
[A]i know [E] [F] [B]
*must listen for rythmn