From: "Jorge A. Polo" 

Lightning Crashes by Live

Most of this song is just these three chords the whole way through except
for the solo.  If you listen to the song the rythym will be obvious.

Chords:  E  B  F#

   ______     ______      ______
E: |||o||  B: ||||||  F#: ||||||
   |oo|||     oo|||o      o|||oo
   ||||||     ||||||      |||o||
   ||||||     ||ooo|      |oo|||

E         B                     F#
Lightning crashes, a new mother cries
her placenta falls to the floor
The angel opens her eyes
the confusion sets in
before the doctor can even close the door

Lightning crashes, an old mother dies
her intentions fall to the floor
the angel closes her eyes
the confusion that was hers
belongs now, to the baby down the hall

Oh new feel it comin' back again
like a rollin' thunder chasing the wind
forces pullin' from the center of the Earth again
I can feel it


Lightning crashes, a new mother cries
this moment she's been waiting for
The angel opens her eyes
Pale blue colored iris, presents the circle
and puts the glory out to hide, hide

Written for Barbara Lewis (1973-1993)

Jorge Polo               Auburn University                          / \

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