Creedence Clearwater Revival - Wholl Stop The Rain guitar tab

'Who'll Stop The Rain'  by CCR
    (John Fogerty)

Intro 2x

G                                  Em            



  G                  C                   G
1.Long as I remember rain's been falling down
  G                         C                G
  clouds of mystery pourin' confusion on the ground
  C                    G
  Good men through the ages 
  C                  G
  tryin' to find the sun
  C            D
  and I wonder still I wonder
  Em                      G
  who'll stop the rain

  G                            C                G
2.I went down Virginia seeking shelter from the storm
  G              Em    C                 G
  Caught up in a fable watched the tower grow  

  C                   G
  Five-year plans and New Deals
  C                 G
  wrapped in golden chains
  C             D
  and I wonder, still I wonder
  Em                      G
  who'll stop the rain

Instumental break:  (approx.strum)

  C  G   D      Am C   Em     D G
  II I I        II I I        I ____ ____
  //x/./ o      //x/./ o      / //x/ //x/ ...

  G                           C                  G
3.Heard the singers' playing, how we cheered for more
      G                  Em           C             G
  the crowd had rushed together, just tryin to keep warm

  C                   G
  Still the rain kept fallin'   (still the rain keeps fallin')
  C            G
  Fallin on my ears             (fallin' thru the years)
  C             D
  And I wonder, still I wonder
  who'll stop the rain...

 G      Em

(repeat intro pattern until fadeout)

(the lyrics in parenthesis are from Bruce Springsteen's 
 fantastic version)

 Antti Kauppinen