Alice Cooper - Working Up A Sweat guitar tab

 "Workin' Up a Sweat" by Alice Cooper
  From the album Muscle of Love (1973)

  Words and music by Alice Cooper and Michael Bruce

  Transcription by ???

    E                     E      C                     C
Oh, when you touch there, honey, makes my blood perspire.

F#                            B                   C
You got my body flaming like a  California fire.

E                         E       C
Pulsing, pounding, pushing. No longer in control.

F#                    A
Heatwave in my brain. Smolder in my soul.

                            E                   A
You got me workin' up a sweat.     Workin' up a sweat.

          B                             C#m
I've been playing all night long, 'bout time I was getting home.

But I've got no place to get.

             E       D                    E   D                     E
Workin' up a sweat.      Workin' up a sweat.       Workin' up a sweat.

D                   E    D  D  D  D  E
   Workin' up a sweat.

Additional lyrics:

 2. Spontaneous combustion, a scientific fact. But your approach to friction,
an unnatural act. The bell's I hear ain't fire drills, I hope you understand.
It's a bona fide five-alarmer. A fly's melting in my hand.

 3. Dante's famed Inferno was a trip to hell and back. But you and a bottle
in a cheap hotel screams pyromaniac. Bandages come off today, really feeling
sick. The hardest part's explaining all those blisters on my...nose!