Frank Black - Speedy Marie guitar tab

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Frank Black - Speedy Marie guitar tab

Frank Black
Teenager of the Year
Transcribed by Mark Schnitzius (

G F  G F  G C  G  F

 Had a bit part
 An endless reel
Am                       F
 It always played in slo-mo
 But now it's fast 
 A spinning wheel
C               F
 I know the dynamo
My heart is cast

C         G
 Speedy Marie
Bb             D#
  Ahead of the now
F             C              G
 She's better built that's how
She's built for speed
D#         F
  Speedy Marie
         C  G  F
Speedy Marie

Oh, yes indeed
I said to me
And so I sing this romaunt
It's not enough
My liberty
There is a thing I want
I need, I love

[repeat chorus]

     /Bb  /C        /D          /F
Juxtaposed  in each moment's sight
     /Bb  /C       /D     /F
Everything  that I ever saw
       /Bb      /F
And my one delight
        Bb  C          Dm        F
Nothing can  strike me in such awe
           Bb   C           Dm            F
Mouth intricate  shapes the voice that speaks
       Bb         F
Always it will soothe

Rarer none are the precious cheeks
Is the size of each sculpted tooth
Each lip and each eye

Wise it the tongue, wet of perfect thought
And softest neck where always do I
Lay my clumsy thoughts

She is that most lovely art
Happy are my mind and my soul
And my heart