Cracker - Mister Wrong guitar tab

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Cracker - Mister Wrong guitar tab

From: (JK13)
Subject: CRD:  Mr. Wrong (Cracker)

Mister Wrong
Johnny Hickman/Cracker

G                                                       C
Well meet me by the river that goes nowhere, 
G                                          D
Let me lay my sorry trip on you
                     G                                        C
Oh won't you meet me by the river little darlin'
G                              D                 G
I might just let you see my bare tattoo.
G                                                      C
I was gonna bring you flowers but I didn't.
It's the thought that counts and I think I'm a bit too broke,
                           G                        C
but there's some change in my ashtray,
maybe just enough to pay 
        C                                  D                         
for a half pint of something probably make us choke.

G   F#  E  (walk down bass notes)
         D                                                   G
 Well no I'd rather not go and meet your family
G, F#, E, 
            D                                              G
 They'd probably send me back where I belong,
                    C                                  G
Don't wanna hear about your mister right,
       D        G       C
He's out of town tonight,
G                                        D                          G
Baby come and spend some time with mister wrong.

G                                                      C
I drive a one-eyed Malibu without a muffler
and a tape deck that works if you kick it hard enough
      G                           C                             G    
and baby if you like to read, I've got some great pornography
         G                              D                      G
and a ten pound flashlight floating in the trunk.

repeat chorus

       C                                                        G
And do you have a girlfriend and does she look as good as you
and would she like to meet my brother?
He'll be out of jail in a month or two.

instrumental break on verse chords
repeat first verse, chorus, end on this last line:

                  C                          D                      G
Yeah where I come from they call me mister wrong.

All errors, misprints and mispellings are mine and mine alone.   (john Kearney)