Cracker - Get Off This guitar tab

"Get Off This" by Cracker

I think all the words are right except the line I couldn't understand in
the first verse.  The chords are as follows:

          ||||||       x_____       ______
C: 3rd -> xo|||o    A: ||||||    F: o|||oo also- thechord progression is C-Am-F
					substitute the Am for the A chord		
   fret   ||||||       ||ooo|       |||o||                                           *from lar in indiana
          ||ooo|       ||||||       |oo|||

All these cats with leather jeans
Dirty hair and titty rings
 F                                 C
Say whatcha see man, ya got these questions
Is it true that you have sold your soul
I said, "Hey, man I don't know,
 F                                 C
But ?????  (couldn't understand this line)     I understand! The lyric is as follows:
Give me a quarter, won't you, I'll call my accountant."      *from lar

chorus:   Let's get off this
          Get on with it
          If you wanna change the world
          Shut your mouth, start this minute

Funny little lie you told
Has come around the judgement stone
When all we're trying to do is make a fortune
Yeah we ain't got no government loans
And no one sends a check from home
But get this, we just do what we want

chorus x2

Well the guitar player's staying out
In Hollywood and saying
He's just trying to get some sleep
But everyone's complaining
Now you're truly deeply cynical
Cause boy you know I loved you so
When no one knew your name and you weren't pompous

chorus x2

Jorge Polo               Auburn University