Asaf Avidan - Turn Of The Tides Under The Northern Lights guitar tab

Hey everyone, here are the chords (which I think are correct) to this song of Asaf Avidan & Mojos,
from their album "Through the Gale". I thank my guitar teacher for helping me figure them out.

Cm                        Bb
The sun, it rises and sets
Ab                                          G
My homeward path is the place where it rests

Cm                Bb                      Ab
Oh, where the sun goes, that'll be my home
From there I come, to there I go

Bridge 1: Cm Bb Ab G   x2

Bridge 2: C#m A C#m A C#m A E

E           C#m
Love is all I need to take
A                  E
My heart is strong though my body'll break

E                           C#m
My lungs will fill with the ocean's salt
A                    E
My love will keep my heart afloat

E                   C#m
The waves will tear my battered arms
A                  E
But in my heart the water is calm

E                    C#m
The winds will strip my bones from flesh
A                  E
My love is strong, my heart is fresh

E                C#m
My eyes and ears will feed the sea
A                     E
My heart will keep on guiding me...

Back home...
Guide me back home...
Back home.

(The end goes the same way as the part before: E C#m A E)