Alice Cooper - The Quiet Room guitar tab

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Alice Cooper - The Quiet Room guitar tab

The Quiet Room
 From the Inside, 1978

Here is my try at "the quiet room"
it's not without faults but it works.
Greetings Andreas Dahlqvist

Transcription by Andreas Dahlqvist

INTRO:C#,Bbm,B  (x2)

       D       A/D    D   A/D  D/F#          A/C#    Bm     D/A
Verse1:The California air      Your nightgown on the stairs
	 I remember every night,
                    G           Em    D    A/D    D,Bm,Em7,A
       Scenes from home in the Quiet Room

       D            A/D     D    A/D  D/F#       A/C#     Bm   D/A
Verse2:How long have I been gone      Did winter kill the lawn
	 And all those polaroids you sent
                   G           Em    D   A/D  D
	 Are on the wall in the Quiet Room

Chorus:They've got this place
	 Where they've been keeping me
             /F#     G
	 Where I can't hurt myself
	 I can't get my wrists to bleed
                        D      D/C             B
	 Just don't know why, Suicide appeals to me
                  G            Em
	 The Quiet Room, Is sterilized and white
             /F#   G
	 It's like a tomb, With just a
       Em                  Dsus2,D,  G/A
       moth stained naked night

        D       A/D       D    A/D  D/F#     A/C#   Bm    D/A
Verse3:Plastic forks and spoon,      No laces in my shoes
	 They all know what I tried to do
           G        Em    D    A/D  D
       Outside the Quiet Room

interlude: D,A/D,D,A/D,D/F#,A/C#,

Chorus:This quiet place
	 It ain't so new to me
	 It's haunted atmosphere
	 Has heard so many scream
	 My home from home
	 My twilight zone
	 My strangest dream

	 My confidant,I have confessed my life
	 The Quiet Room
	 Knows more about me than my wife

	 They've got this place
	 Where they've been keeping me
	 Where I can't hurt myself, I just can't
	 I just can't get these damn wrists to bleed

       D          A/D     D    A/D
	 A mattress on the floor
       D/F#      A/C#    Bm   D/A
	 No handles on the door
	 I really need nothing here
             Em  Em7,D  A/D  D
	 I'm alone