Inequalities today, Tony Blair's project

In its 1997 General Election Manifesto, entitled New Labour : Because Britain Deserves Better, 'New' Labour laid out its case to the electors : I want a Britain that is one nation, with shared values and purpose, where merit comes before privilege, run for the many not the few ...(p. 1) We are a broad-based movement for progress and justice. New Labour is the political arm of none other than the British people as a whole. Our values are the […]

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The Scottish Parliament

Introduction On May 1st 1997, a general election took place in the UK. It was won by the Labour Party after 18 years of Conservative Government (1979-1997).The political programme of the Labour party included a vast number of constitutional reforms and manifestos: devolution (power to the regions) to Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and English regions (wide range). reform of the House of Lords. incorporation of the European Convention on Human Rights into British law. The Labour Government was for devolution […]

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