North and South

Cotton was the main crop in the South and the first industry in Georgia. Georgia planters exported their cotton to England but the cotton was not treated. Thanks to Whitney"s invention , the "Cotton Gin" (Cotton Engine - 1793), which separated the seeds from the fibers, a huge increase in the amount of cotton produced was made possible. In 1820, the output was 8 000 times higher than in 1791. The increase was achieved by bringing in more slaves to […]

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Years of Growth

Moving west In 1783, more and more settlers had set in the new territories between the Appalachian Mountains and the Mississippi River. Settlers journeyed across the mountains to create new settlements out of the wilderness. The problem was that Indians already lived there: settlers were perceived as thieves and this led to a struggle for land in the late 18th century. The new Government tried to keep peace with the Natives by treaties but they were never respected, for obvious […]

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Birth of a Nation

Introduction After France's defeat in Canada, Britain remained the only power left in Eastern North America. The colonies were now free to spread over the vast continent and increase their wealth. Therefore, for the British Government, it was natural that the colonists, whose prosperity was increasing, should contribute to British economy. The financial measures affecting trade and the arbitrary taxes decided in London soon became intolerable to the colonists. They have now the opportunity and the financial means of standing […]

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