Caught A Ghost - Time Go

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Caught A Ghost is a band from Los Angeles created by songwriter and producer Jesse Nolan, with Stephen Edelstein on drums and sultry vocals and percussions from actress Tessa Thompson (who appeared in Heroes). They feature a modern take on blue-eyed soul, classic motown and stax volt compositions with influences from dubstep, 90's rap and contemporary electronica. I’m in need of the answer, in search of the question, in love with being broken-hearted Days race by faster, it’s a made-up […]

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Copper saison 2

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Voici la seconde saison de Copper, diffusée sur BBC America. February 5, 1865. Five Points remains a bedlam. Young men are dying and disappearing at an alarming rate and a career criminal is terrorizing the Sixth Ward. With pressures from Tammany Hall raining down upon the police force, Detective Kevin Corcoran and the coppers of the Sixth Ward must follow the guidance of returned ward leader, General Brendan Donovan. Meanwhile, Doctor Matthew Freeman visits his mentor and is presented with […]

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Copper saison 1


Voici la première saison de Copper, une nouvelle série produite et diffusée par BBC America. New York City, 1864. Nous sommes après la guerre de Sécession et Kevin Corcoran, un immigrant irlandais au service de la police, enquête sur des crimes qui se sont déroulés dans la zone des Five Points. Cette série de 10 épisodes qui se focalise sur un jeune policier irlandais dans les communautés immigrantes du New York du 19ème siècle est co-écrite par Tom Fontana (qui […]

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